standing up


dsc00244.jpg           dsc00243.jpg

dsc00248.jpg             dsc00249.jpg

these were taken on october 18 – he’s a pro by now – soon to be cruising i’m sure!!


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  1. Wow, Ang! When was Benjamin born? He looks so much like Abram (who is a big boy for his age) but I know Benjamin’s a few months older. The reality that Abram will soon be doing things like standing up is overwhelming!

  2. he will be 1 on monday!! and he is a peanut for his age – people always comment that he looks younger (like 9 months) – whatever – i say he can stay my little baby for as long as he likes!! cj was my “big” baby!! they went down from there – odd i know, i guess i can’t wonder where my kids get it from any more!! :)

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