not sure when this started but zachary is all about loving these days.

“i yuv chocyat, momma.”
is the first one i recall
one morning when looking in the fridge for breakfast
upon seeing the bottle of hershey’s syrup…

“i yuv socger.”

“oh, i yuv pay tars.”

“i yuv owside.

“i yuv zachy’s sweeeeming-soup.”

so, i decided to test this self-proclaimed lover of all things
(“do you love everything?” – “oh, yes, momma.”)

i was eating baked beans one afternoon for snack
(yeah, i don’t know…)
and i asked him
(knowing full well that he refuses to eat beans of any kind)

“hey, zachy? do you love beans?”

“oh, yes, momma! i yuv beans!!”

“you love beans? are you sure??”

“yes, i yuv beans!!”

“here, then, do you want a bite?”
me, while putting a spoon laden with beans to his mouth

him, while turning  away, a look of disgust on his face
“oh, no! i no yike dat! i no eat beans!”

“but i thought you loved beans?”

“i yuv beans. i no yike eat beans! i yuv beans.”

so my 2 year old gave me a reminder of what unconditional love really is –

you don’t have to like the beans
you don’t have to eat the beans
but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t yuv the beans

keep on loving baby!
the joy you find in everything
continues to bring me strength and joy



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