Garbage picking…


One of the perks of delivering papers at 4 a.m. is that you get to see all the cool stuff that people throw away! It really is amazing to me at times that such treasures can just be cast to the curb. The best is when someone puts their house up for sale, and then again as they are packing to move…don’t they know the tax benefits of donating items to charity??? (Must give credit to my accountant husband, without whom I would easily be one of those “in the not know”!!)

I used to poke fun at those who would rescue treasures from roadside – it seemed to me that if it was thrown away then it must be broken or otherwise useless, just let it be! I will have to admit, though, that I have joined “the dark side”! So far I have rescued a patio umbrella (made to be used in a table or stand, but with a small hole dug in the ground works just as well over a sand box), a hammock (just needs to be recovered), a wooden shelf (that I will repaint white and put into my 1st floor bathroom), an old wooden office chair (after getting it home I discovered it was from a furniture company based in Buffalo – haven’t dated the chair as of yet), a Step2 wagon (that needs one wheel replaced), and my most recent find, a circa 1949/1950 Singer sewing machine with table and stool!

Even my usually mortified husband thought that was a good pick!

When I find my camera soon (right, mom?) I will post pics of my new found treasures!


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  1. oh, oh, oh….you may know that we routinely put stuff on the curb before taking it to the thrift shop…i guess it isn’t a tax write off…but i don’t think we make enough for it to make a difference…ask chris. : )

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