Swim baby!!


Oh – I wish I had a picture to share with this…Saturday was Christopher’s travel baseball party at one of the boy’s house. They had a pool and all the kids were swimming. Of course, Zachary wanted to get in but I didn’t bring my swimming suit and he has never been in the water without me. But he insisted, so I changed him into his swim gear – try to imagine this one…purple/pink and lime green swirly swim diaper – flourescent green life jacket with a yellow and purple fish on the front – and some bright yellow-green goggles (worn mostly on the top of his head!)

There was a spa connected to the pool and he decided to go into that – there was a ledge around the whole thing that was about 1 – 1.5 feet deep and then the bottom was about 3 feet deep. At first he was just walking around the edge, playing. The older boys were in the big pool going down the slide so my attention was split between the two. All of the sudden, out of the corner of my eye I see a small body flailing it’s way across the spa!! My attention is immediately redirected from the big boys and I see Zachary jump off the ledge into the center of the spa and then kick and paddle his way to the other side! I can hardly believe that this is the same boy who, just a couple of weeks ago, the last time we were at a pool – clung to me like a staticy sock and would not let me go for anything! It wasn’t long before he was jumping in, going under all the way and then proceeding across to the other side, then he was putting his face in the water and deliberatly “swimming” to the best of his untrained ability! I was astonished!! No gasping, no water in the nose/mouth – do kids ever just do this naturally? He swam his little heart out for a good half hour – I couldn’t stop laughing! He was so excited about the whole thing and just kept amazing me with his nonchalant attitude – like he’d been swimming for years! I think the small area of the spa was easier for him to relax in – less intimidating than a big pool! Hopefully we’ll get another chance to swim before the season’s over!


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