“Where we going?”


“Where everybody going?”

This is the question asked everytime Zachary climbs into his car seat and buckles up.

It is then usually followed by, “Docker deem?” and if the answer to that is no, then, “Beeceball deem?” and then, hoping beyond hope, “Bark??!?”.

Obviously in the last several months,  attending the sporting endeavours of his older brother, Zachary has learned that we often leave the house to spend hours at various sporting facilities that vary in their “bored younger sibling” friendliness.

The other day a friend of ours was leaving and Zachary asked, “I go car, doo?” When he was told that our visitor was going home, this did not deter his efforts, “I go home, doo?”. Momma then told Zachy that we would soon be going for a ride in our truck – which quickly met,

“Docker deem?”
“Beeceball deem?”
“No. Store.”
“Yes, store.”
(moment of silence)
“Yay!!! Bark!!!”

There you go, my ever optimist,
when unsure of what’s to come –
think the absolute best possible outcome and celebrate it!
May you hold onto that forever.

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