Lament for a camera


Gone now 3 months, 4 months – when exactly you left is uncertain but that you are not here is definite.

More than a simple electronic device, more than an expensive toy…

A tool for connection with a family, with friends, sooo far away – a manner of bridging the gap created by physical space – a way to feel close, connected, not alone…

A way to preserve memories that, without reminders, are lost to the dark recesses of the brain, unable to be retrieved…

So many things missed already…First Communion, 9th birthday, Christening, rolling over for the first time, sitting without aid, baseball seasons, end of school, visits from grandpa and grandma and aunt and uncle, visits to Niagara Falls, the zoo, playing with friends, playing with brothers, swimming lessons, rock climbing…

and everyday things that we’d love to share with those far away and be able to remember forever – small wooden blocks in the shapes of squares, rectangles and triangles cleverly placed together to spell out words in messages, falling asleep under the shopping cart during an afternoon trip to the store that just took way to long, a plant that we can’t quite identify and want the input of those more knowlegdable, lying on the floor playing with cars looking soo much like our uncle so many years ago, portaits of Gia on the family room floor using rainbow colored paprclips…

and so many things going on now or in the future that we don’t want to miss, don’t want to forget: soccer seasons, first day of school, weddings, 1st birthday, crawling, walking, fall leaves, halloween costumes, field trips, 6th birthday, holidays with family, home improvement project before and afters…

but mostly we lament those everyday happenings, that without physical reminders, will continue to be lost into the recesses of our minds…already we know there are some that we tried to keep, tried to remember, but we can’t quite put a finger on what they are.

So camera – where ever you may be, where ever you have gone, know that you are missed every minute of every day, you are searched for endlessly – we have not given up hope that you will be found (quite yet) but we can think of no where else to look for you…

…please come out of hiding soon.

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  1. Oh – be sure that the pennies are being stashed at every possible moment – I’m up to $21.57 – donations gladly accepted at any time!!

  2. Pray that you will know where to look, and believe that it can happen. I’m telling you, it’s a good plan!

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