Several nights ago as I was lying with Zachary as he was going to sleep I noticed that he was rubbing his eyes…I asked him if his eye was hurt – he said no…I asked if it was itching – he said no…he rubbed it a couple more times then said:

“It’s bug in me.”

I said, “There’s a bug in your eye?”

He said, “Yeah.”

(I think it was itchy!)

But this made me think of many of the cute things that come out of his mouth as a 2-year-old learning to navigate this thing we call English.

 Things like:

“Oh, I pooped me.” (Just wet, no poop, but really wet and I’m sure uncomfortable.)

“Oh, dat in way of me.” (As he was trying to walk out the door into the garage which was being blocked by bottles of Pepsi.)

“Momma, dooday? Dooday?” (This comes EVERY day, and each day I have to think to remember that he’s asking, “Is it a school day?” Not sure how he picked this up…but it cracks me up every time he asks!)

“Go dah der geeem?” (The new question that is asked whenever we get into the car – translated: soccer game – if the answer is “No.” then it’s followed with:

 “Bee ball geeem? I ‘it! I ‘it! I ‘it bat!!”

 “Burr? MiMi?” (Asked whenever we wake from out nap as after nap is the time that we go get Christopher (aka Burr) and Timmy (aka MiMi) from school.)

“Booble me! Booble me!!!” (Which means, “Mom, please, I would like you to unbuckle my seatbelt so that I may leave the car with everyone else and not get left behind.”)

I’m sure there are more but that’s all I can think of at this moment…maybe I’ll add more later as I hear them!


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  1. I can’t wait to hear the words “booble me” come out of that little boy’s mouth. Just reading it made me laugh out loud!! :) See you soon!!!

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