Water fun



When the temps hit the 80s here and the humidity is horrendous the only thing to do is have fun in the water!

So I pulled the sprinkler onto the driveway (because the grass is still plenty wet and if I want my lawn to survive it’s off limits for a bit longer!!) and let the boys go at it!!

Zachary was pretty unsure at first…


…but before long he was running through just like his brothers!!


2007-05-22-04.jpg               2007-05-22-07.jpg

Poor Benjamin had to just watch from his playpen!!


There were two logs at the lowest corner of the driveway (to keep the lawn from washing into the driveway everytime it rains!!) that created a nice little pool to play in!

2007-05-22-21.jpg          2007-05-22-15.jpg

They all had a lot of fun!

The next day, after sending the boys off to school, Zachary went over to the corner of the driveway (which had dried up) and looks at me, “Water??”

I think there will be days of fun ahead of us!!


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